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Purebites® 2 X Chicken Breast, 2 X Chicken and Wild Shrimp Grain Free Mixers Cat Treats Variety Pack 7.04 Oz

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Go ahead, turn the tray around and look at our ingredients. PureBites® Mixers for cats are made with only 1- 2 ingredients. PureBites® Mixers Variety 4-pack come with 2 trays of Chicken Breast in Water 1.76oz / 50g & 2 Trays of Chicken Breast & Wild Shrimp in Water 1.76oz / 50g. Cats love the taste of PureBites® because our treats are pure, locking in the aroma, texture and freshness they crave. Cat parents love PureBites® because our treats are rich in nutrients for a happy and healthy life.