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Fruitables® Switch™ Food Transition Cat & Dog Supplement 12 X 15 Oz

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The biggest barrier to trying new pet foods is the fear of digestive upset or food refusal. This means that most pets are fed the same old food day after day. With Switch, transitioning to a new food has never been easier or with less risk. Switch uses a proprietary new blend of dofferent pumpkin varieties to achieve a just-right balance of soluble & insoluble fiber. This blend works to buffer the impact of new protiens and fats and Switch's highly palatable pumpkin base provides a flavor that dogs love. This natural approach makes switching foods easy and worry free. Digestive upset frequently occurs when switching (code The cause is most commonly the introduction of new proteins and fats that require your pet's digestive system to adjust and re-stabilize to this new food matrix. The signs of digestive upset can be stomach cramps, indigestion, gas, diarrhea, vomiting, regurgitation, or refusal to eat. In an effort to find a natural and effective solution to this problem, Switch™ was developed using a unique and propietary blend of different pumpkin varieties. This blend contains a targeted ratio of soluble & insoluble fibers that supports the rebalancing of the digestive enzymes, hormones, and good bactena in your pet's G.I. tract. The insoluble fiber buffers the impact of new proteins and fats and regulates the rate of absorption while the soluble fiber in Switch™ attracts excess moisture and supports healthy fermentation in the large intestine.