Sellers Quick Start Guide

Below is a quick start guide to get your store created and products listed. If you have any questions about these steps, contact us at and we'll be happy to help. 

  1. Create a Seller Account Here


A seller account, which is different from a customer account, allows you to list products on At present, our marketplace is available for sellers based in the United States.


  1. Create Your Profileunder Profile > My Account


Your profile is where you tell shoppers about your personal store, products, and policies. Fill out the Seller Policies field, at least ShippingReturns and Refunds, and Warranty. Under Shipping, tell customers how many business days it takes to ship a product, what shipping method(s) you use, and whether/how you insure packages in transit. Also list which countries and territories you will/won't ship. Under Returns and Refunds, tell the customer how long after purchase returns are available, and under what conditions returns and refunds are allowed. Please be aware that we ask all sellers to at minimum allow returns for products that are new, unused, and resalable within 30 days of delivery. Be sure to notify the customer who is responsible for return shipping. Under Warranty, tell the customer what warranty you offer, if any. If no warranty is offered, state that "all products are sold as is with no warranty offered or implied." Tell the customer how any warranty service is provided, what proof of defect is required, and how shipping is handled.

  1. Create A Stripe Accountunder Orders > Stripe Connect


Stripe is a well-respected payment processing platform similar to Paypal, that offers robust fraud protection. We use Stripe because, unlike Paypal, your payout goes directly into your bank account, which provides you with greater protection and ease. Stripe holds your bank information. does not see or have direct access to your bank information. All sellers must have a Stripe account connected, because it is how you receive money for orders.


  1. Configure Shippingunder Configuration > Shipping Configuration


You have two shipping options. We recommend that you get started quickly by selecting the free shipping option. To the right of the Free Shipping option, under action, click the three blue dots and then click 'enable.' 


  1. List a Productunder Products > Product Listing


Please remember that you may only sell new homemade pet products on this marketplace. You are not allowed to sell any commercially produced or used products, which will be removed and may result in your removal as a seller from the marketplace. To list a new product, click the orange button '+Add Product' and then add all the details and images for your new product. Click the 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the screen.


To get your product seen and listed in our menu system, you need to get the product added to a collection. On the product listing page you can click on Smart Collections to see how we have arranged our collections. To get a product into a collection, be sure the product listing has the correct product type and product tag(s). For example, to list a dog bed, you would need to set the product type as Bed and add the product tag Dog. With that combination, your product will then automatically show up under the Dog > Beds category.


  1. Configure Customer Invoicesunder Configuration > Invoice Configuration


When you ship a product to your customer, our system will send an email with an automatically generated sales invoice. Fill out the details the customer may need.


  1. Check Yourself Outon com and find your new product and shop. Check to make sure everything looks good.


You've done it! You're ready to sell on! Our marketplace has more advanced features that may interest you, but this guide will get you started. We also ask that you take the time to read the Terms of Service, which you have accepted by use of the website, app, or any of the other services. If you have any questions about this quick start guide or any other marketplace features, please do not hesitate to contact our marketplace seller support at


Remember, when you sell on you aren't just making money, you're giving life and love. A portion of proceeds from every order goes to support pets and the pet-human bond, because believes in making the world a better place for and through pets. We are glad you have chosen to be a part of that mission.