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Does your cat love small catnip toys but constantly lose them?

When your cat has this toy-filled play mat, you no longer have to spend all your time looking for lost toys and get to just sit back and enjoy watching kitty play!

• Transparent mat fabric entices kitty with a view of the catnip-filled toys inside that can be seen and hunted but never quite caught, so they don't lose interest

• Three catnip strawberries inside the mat stimulate your cat's natural predatory instincts so they engage in fun, healthy play

• Handmade from durable sparkling green nylon organdy that looks appealing in your home and yet stands up to rough kitty play

• Berries are made from red cotton fabric and green polyester felt and stuffed with 100% organic catnip that kitties can't resist

• Enclosed in the mat, the strawberries are always there for fun playtime and can never get lost

• Organic catnip means your kitty isn’t ingesting any toxic chemicals when they play

• Washable so kitty always has a nice fresh mat for endless fun

• Have fun watching kitty nap on their favorite mat after a boisterous play session

• Adds a cheerful nature element to any room in your home

Order a Strawberry Patch mat today and get ready for all the wrestling, pouncing, and happy play in your cat's future!

The mat measures approximately 28 inches x 21 inches.

Handmade with love.

Ready to ship.

Packaged in cellophane and recycled paper.

Strawberry Patch Play Mats are an original design available exclusively from Boo Boy Cat Toys.
Each of our unique toy designs is cat tested and approved, by Alex and Linus, for cat appeal and durability.