Refillable Catnip Jellyfish Cat Toy | Handmade Canvas Cat Toy with Organic Catnip and Silvervine | FREE SHIPPING

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Does your cat like to toss their toys into the air or carry them around the house? If so, this refillable catnip jellyfish is sure to bring kitty and you endless hours of delight!

• Fun design with tentacles for kitty to bite and claw, enticing them into healthy and entertaining playtime

• Small size is perfect for your cat to toss, fetch, and carry so their natural predatory senses are engaged

• Made from heavy-duty pink cotton canvas and white paracord so it stands up to even the roughest kitty players

• Sturdy hook and loop closure allows you to refill with fresh catnip occasionally so you don’t need to buy new toys all the time

• Arrives freshly filled with a mix of organic catnip and silvervine (a powerful natural cat attractant) so that this toy appeals to your cat, even if they don’t respond to catnip

• Organic catnip means your kitty isn’t ingesting any toxic chemicals when they play

• Washable so you don’t have to throw out kitty’s favorite toy if it gets dirty

• Fun jellyfish design looks good in your home and adds a bright splash of color to any room

Order a Refill-A-Boo jellyfish today and get ready for the fun to begin!

This toy is approximately 3 inches x 3 inches.

Handmade with love.

Ready to ship.

Refill-A-Boo toys are original designs available exclusively from Boo Boy Cat Toys.
Each of our unique toy designs is cat tested and approved, by Alex and Linus, for cat appeal and durability.