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Tomlyn® Allercaine™ Hot Spot Spray for Dog 4 Oz

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Tomlyn Allercaine Hot Spot Spray is an antiseptic and anti-itch remedy for dogs. Allercaine helps penetrate and deaden the pain and itching of broken or irritated skin. Bittran II will prevent licking and chewing of the wound. Allercaine Spray is recommended for flea and other insect bites, allergic problems, and other compulsive scratching and biting problems.

Key Benefits
• Formulated to soothe hot spots and insect bites providing relief that your pup will appreciate.
• A great solution to the uncontrollable scratching and biting that is associated with irritated skin. Bittran II "Bitter Apple" is also added to deter licking and biting. This will help prevent more damage to your dog's already bothered skin.
• This unique blend of ingredients contains Lidocaine which is proven to reduce pain and itching. Lanolin and Aloe are also added to help soothe your pet's irritated skin.
• This product is a must-have for all pet homes. Definitely a perfect addition to any doggy first aid kit.
• Convenient pump spray allows for localized application. Applying this product is fast and easy.